Kaitlyn Tran, Faith Romero, and Jade Ngyuen

For individuals seeking career advancement and skills development, Ume offers empowering opportunities for professional growth through tailored event experiences and connections. Our app provides unique pathways for individuals of all levels to pursue their career goals with confidence and support.

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Hilary Ngyuen, Hitha Gudipati, and Godha Battu

We wanted to design a product that allows users to find resources, help users find mentorship/guidance, help users find and dvelop communities around career support, and help users find and explore personalized content around different opportunities/careers

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Chinwe Offoboche, Dung Nguyen, and Chris Mazagwu

Our app is for college students need a platform that seamlessly combines skill-building with professional networking to bridge their experience gap and propel them into the post-college job market.

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Career Compass

Arianne Poblete, Adit Patel, and Vanna Ho

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Pravalika Akula, Danielle Khaitas, and Izma Khurram

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We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for the highly anticipated 2023 UX Banquet sponsored by Intuit. Join us for an exclusive evening where we will unveil the honorees of our Design Challenge. The top 5 presentations will be featured, with awards awaiting the top 3 contestants.

Enjoy a Buffet-Style dinner and seize the opportunity to network with a distinguished group of attendees, including industry professionals, students, and faculty members.

We kindly request that you wear your best business-casual attire. We look forward to your esteemed presence on Friday, November 17th at 6 PM.


The UX Design Challenge is a 4-week competition open to all UTD students to create either individually or in teams a design solution for the UTD community.

The 2023 prompt will be announced on October 4th, with submissions due by November 1st. Students will have the opportunity to work with industry mentors throughout the competition. The event culminates in a banquet on November 17th where top competitors will be awarded monetary prizes.

Register your team for Design Challenge today! Teams can consist of 1 to 3 people. Registration is open to all current UTD students and will close on October 4th at 11:59 pm!


"Create a solution that empowers students in their professional journey."


  • Teams must submit their final project by November 1st.

  • View the design challenge booklet for pacing suggestions.


  • The Design Challenge banquet will take place on November 17th.

  • There will be live presentations, food, networking, and awards!


  • The Design Challenge Booklet is designed by the UX Club to aid you through your design process.

  • The booklet includes a recommended timeline, submission details, resources, and more!

  • Feel free to use the booklet as a guide in your design process!


Category Description 10 Points Max
Problem Identification Explores the problem space and describes a specific problem statement
Research Conducts at least 2 styles of user research methods such as surveys, interviews, etc.
Competitive Analysis Researches market trends, existing solutions, and opportunities for improvement
Affinity Map Creates a visual tool that organizes and categorizes related ideas or data to identify patterns, themes, and insights
Ideating Potential Solutions Considers a variety of solutions. Creates at least 3 wireframes and shows comprehension of the ideation process
High-Fidelity Prototype Uses prototyping tools to demonstrate the product’s functionality and design
Branding and Visual Appeal Considers the brand identity - careful application of UI design principles
Usability Demonstrates user-friendly design throughout the product interface
Presentation Includes the design journey, displays deliverables, and communicates solution effectively within presentation slides
Overall Solution Goes beyond the requirements of the prompt, ensuring the solution would positively impact the user base