Design Challenge

March 13, 12:00PM - April 10, 11:59PM CST

Last Day to Sign-Up is Monday, March 23, 2020 .

We are sure there are many questions surrounding the challenge amidst the coronavirus. Don't worry, the challenge is still on-going so keep designing hard! Please, reach out to us for any clarifications and concerns. We keep our website updated with the latest information so make sure to check back often as well.

Submission Countdown


* Our deadline has been extended to April 10 at 11:59PM

Prompt Reveal

Ready... Set... Design!

UT Dallas students are invited to compete in Capital One’s design challenge where they will redesign our university’s eLearning homepage and two additional pages of their choice.

Our Goal as a University

“UT Dallas will continue to inspire a culture of academic excellence that develops well-rounded students, respond to the needs of a diverse population, and use the most advanced technologies that enhance both teaching and learning. With technology, the University will reach far more students than through traditional instruction and will go beyond online learning by using new approaches such as “hybrid” and “flipped” classrooms.”

Refer to UTD's Strategic Plan to ensure your success!


    • 1 home page based on the original eLearning page from a student’s perspective
      • Make sure not to redesign Blackboard.
    • 2 pages that students regularly interact with on eLearning
      • Does NOT include splash screen/loading page, login authentication, and any pages from the educator version.
    • 1 of the following methods as the one final submission file:
      • 4-minute demo video presenting how your design works
      • 4-page (including front and back covers) design brief explaining how your design improves our current site

Participants will have exactly 4 weeks to complete these deliverables. All deliverables must be sent as one file (PDF, MOV, or MP4) to Box (information provided during sign-up) by 11:59PM on April 10, 2020 .

Designs may not be from past school projects or for any current classes. These designs must be original with no content including copyrighted images or phrases. Use of the UTD and eLearning logos are permitted. However, they must abide by the university’s brand guidelines which can be found at

Points Rubric

How your project will be judged.

Download the PDF here.

Design with Determination

Join us in our biggest competition of the year!

UT Dallas students are invited to join our Capital One Design Challenge where their work will be reviewed by UX/UI Designers from Capital One, showcased at The UX Club’s banquet, and awarded with prizes if they win.

Those with UX/UI experience are encouraged to participate in order to enhance their technical knowledge, collaboration skills, and design abilities.

Don't forget to register!

Registration closes Monday, March 23, 2020 .

How It's Going to Work

Straightforward and Simple.

There will be two categories that students may enter: mobile or desktop. Participants must choose to enter only one category.

There will be one winner from each category. The winner will be determined by several UX/UI Designers from Capital One based upon the judging criteria that the UX Club will develop.


Prizes, prizes, prizes!!

The award ceremony will showcase the work of the top 3 nominees in each category at The UX Club’s end of the year banquet on Saturday, April 25 at 6PM.

There will be one winner from each category. The winner will be determined by several UX/UI Designers from Capital One based upon the judging criteria that the UX Club will develop.

First Place 🥇

First Place Trophy

Certificate of Distinguishment

Winning design will be presented to industry professionals

$250 (distributed among team members) scholarship provided by Capital One

Second Place 🥈

Second Place Trophy

Certificate of Distinguishment

Second Place Valued Prize (TBA)

Third Place 🥉

Third Place Trophy

Certificate of Distinguishment

Third Place Valued Prize (TBA)

People's Favorite 😍

Certificate of Distinguishment

People's Favorite Valued Prize (TBA)

* Attendees will vote on a "People's Favorite" during the banquet


Are you eligible?

All students from The University of Texas at Dallas are eligible for this competition. Students may enter the competition as a Solo competitor or a Group with no more than 3 team members.

No officers from The UX Club at UT Dallas will be able to participate due to knowledge of the competition prior to other competitors.

Awards Ceremony

Celebrate with us!

The banquet has been moved to a virtual setting. More information coming in the future.

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